Artemis or Athena?

Published January 20, 2014 by wouldbewitch

I’m not really sure if I can pick between Artemis and Athena. I really like both but my opinions on them are only from books that I read (Percy Jackson anyone). So let’s find out more about them, shall we. First let’s have Athena, Goddess of  War & Wisdom.


Athena has always appealed to me. Who wouldn’t want to have all that wisdom. She is like a role model really. To be smart and brave. She is the goddess of was as well, you know. From the Percy Jackson series that I read she always had a plan. I don’t even know what day it is sometimes. It would be major cool if  I could be like her, but on the other hand there is Artemis, the goddess of the hunt & moon.


I didn’t really learn about Artemis until  I read the Percy Jackson series. Which is unfortunate because I really like her. Although she know for being the goddess of the Hunt and Moon there are other things that people associate with her, like Wilderness, Childbirth, virginity, and protector of young girls. So why do I like her? She sticks to her morals and herself. She protects young girl and others. Plus, she has a bow and arrow. 😀 Which is pretty awesome. When I read about her I wanted to be that free and do what I want to do not what others want. She just fascinates me and I just love to be her for a day to see how it was.

So who am I going to pick? It’s a very hard decision but I really like Artemis better than Athena. Gosh that was a hard decision, but anyways  I love them both.

Who is your favorite Greek God or Goddess and why are they your favorite?

Twelve Olympians by Jimuel Miraber


3 comments on “Artemis or Athena?

  • That picture for Artemis is gorgeous. O.O And Artemis wins hands- down. She has featured in a few books that I have read and she is always a fascinating character or a fascinating legend that the character is learning about

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