Odysseus’ Heroic Trick

Published January 22, 2014 by wouldbewitch


Odysseus knew that is he didn’t come up with a plan that him and all of his crew would be dead. So with his quick mind he formed a plan. He decided to tell  Polyphemus that his ship was wrecked so the cyclops wouldn’t look for it and then preceded to tell him that his name was nobody in case they came to blows. Why is that important what would you do if someone yelled “Nobody is hurting me”! Yeah you wouldn’t think anything of it and that’s what Odysseus wanted. He then offered him wine and not watered down win but the strong stuff. and when he passed put they stabbed him in the eye. Now to escape the cave (this is the best part) they hid underneath the sheep that Polyphemus had. How smart is that. No one is going to look under a sheep for a man. Odysseus had a quick and intelligent mind. It’s no wonder that he is still alive.

6d6c2d86-f978-4dbe-a07e-ac8bf17e5455BUT everyone has flaws and Odysseus has to much pride and honor. He tricked a cyclops and he was high on power. So what does he do. He taunts Polyphemus and gets a piece of rock throw at them causing them to almost crash back on land. Then Polyphemus, whose father is Poseidon curses Odysseus to lose all his man and so forth.

curse odysy 04

This just goes to show that even the brightest bulb in the pack has its dull days…..did that makes sense. lol


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