Suitors Beware!

Published January 29, 2014 by wouldbewitch


9fd196c2-73c1-4f33-b011-5919bfe395a9So My question for you this week is. How would you react if you cam home from work and a group of “suitors” (Men or Women) were after your spouse. Would you respond like Odysseus?

This is a simple yet hard question. One never knows what they would do in that situation, you can only guess. It could be different every time. So I’m just going to say what I think I would do. Would I do some of these things…probably not but it would run through my mind.

First off if I seen a group of women herding around my man I would see green. Who do these hussy think they are? I would be like Odysseus and watch how they act, get to know their weaknesses. Also I would like to see how my husband is reacting to all the attention. If he proves trustworthy then phase 2 would come into affect.

Now that I know I can trust my husband, I’m not going to try and kill the women….because well  I don’t want to go to JAIL. I see why Odysseus killed them, but I’m not a killer. Well I’ll kill cockroaches…when I’m not to terrified of them. Anyways I would try to RUIN them. Make sure no one will ever want them. Will I make my presence known? Psh, No I’m going to act like it wasn’t me. I ‘m will be there worst nightmare and they will think twice about moving in on someone’s man.

So I wouldn’t go to the extremes of killing them. No I would just sit back and relax and watch them all fall in my traps. MUAHAHAHA

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


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