The Horrifying Truth

Published February 5, 2014 by wouldbewitch

This time I be be discussing my response to someone telling me that I killed my father and married my mother. Keep in mind that Freud came up with a psychological diagnosis called the oedipal complex.

I know what I would do. I would puke my guts up I mean *shudders* ICK I would probably try and refuse everything that I’ve learned. No one wants to hear that mess. Then the facts will start hitting you and then you realize your wife is your mother. Gosh, I wouldn’t be the same. that kind of stuff messes with your mind. I would probably loos it and end up in a hospital. I mean Oedipus had kids with her, what do you tell the kids? You can’t run away from this kind of situation though.

There are so many thing that would be running through my mind. No one dreams of being in a situation like this. But there was this one time in middle school and I though this guy was so hot and I cam home and told my grandma about him. She asked for his name and I told her. She then was like that’s your cousin. Like was like cold water poured all over me. I was horrified. I avoided him the rest of middle school. I didn’t know that was mt cousin. It’s not like I would have gone out with him the the first place but still always do a background check. lol

How would you react?




One comment on “The Horrifying Truth

  • Ick! is definitely the reaction I would have, too. Maybe we should start doing DNA tests before we get married…. inbreeding might explain a lot of what’s wrong with some of these people we see walking around. lol! 😉

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