A Trip to Hell

Published February 12, 2014 by wouldbewitch

Here is my question for today.  If you were to visit Hell, what would you see that would be expected and what surprises do you think you might find?

Well what is the first thing you think of when someone says Hell, the devil of course. So that’s one thing I would see.


Pretty Scary. And you know when people say burn in Hell. That is another thing that I would expect to see.


Just about anything horrible I would expect it to be in hell. I think some of the surprises would have to be seeing someone I know. Probably someone I thought was going to heaven. It would be kinda awkward. Go up to them and be like, I thought you were going to Heaven. What did you do to end up here? and cue awkward silence. Now I would truly be shocked if there was actual kindness down there. I mean Hell is EVIL! So I don’t expect anything less.

Since all that was pretty serious here is some Hell funnies.




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