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Published February 24, 2014 by wouldbewitch

Today I have to write a blog post about a character from “The Prologue” who stands out in my mind the most and why that character is so vivid to me.

The only people that come to mind are the Knight and his son, the Squire. The knight because Chaucer describes in detail…….the sin as well now that I think of it. And if I’m being honest with myself I liked the Squire because he sounds hot, sexy, charming, etc. “He was a lover and would become a knight” Yes Please. and my favorite part ” He sat his horse well, and knew how to ride, And how to make a song and use his Lance, And he could write and draw well, too. *SWOON* So how does the Squire look…..well take a look at the pic below


How could you resist that!?

I didn’t even mention the Knight in all that, I was too focused on the Squire. I see a strong and fit man for the Knight. i see someone that can take on anyone, but he is also courtesy. He is an all around good guy. So for him I picked one of my favorite actors and one I have a big crush on. The pic is also from one of my favorite movies. 😀


So those are my favorites! ^_^


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