Love or Mockery in “The Miller’s Tale”

Published February 26, 2014 by wouldbewitch

A 125 word blog about what you think “The Miller’s Tale” says about the nature of love and/or devotion.


The Miller’s Tale to me was not a love story. More like a try to get away with sleeping around on my husband story. According to the story John was faithfully devoted to Alison, his wife and adored Nicholas . Alison wanted Nicholas and Nicholas wanted Alison. Oh and don’t forget Absolom, who also wanted Alison. Chaucer to me is saying that women can not be faithful. He mocks love and it is clear to him that is doesn’t exist. There is only lust, which Alison and Nicholas have. She doesn’t want him, just what he can give her. John is the only one who is faithful (which is Chaucer). Chaucer was just biased because there is clearly women that can be faithful and loving. Not every woman OR MAN is going to cheat. To me he was just a bitter old man.




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