Is the Wife of Bath a lady?

Published March 5, 2014 by wouldbewitch

A 150 word blog stating whether you think the Wife of Bath is a liberated woman or just a straight up skank.  Defend you statements with evidence from her description in “The Prologue” and details from her tale.


Do I think the wife of bath is a lady? ummm negative. It says that she “knows men”. But is she a skank? I don’t really know. She was married 5 times and she knew how to attract men but does that categorize her as a skank. I don’t think she is. I picture her as an older lady and knows that she is beautiful and uses that to her advantage. i don’t think she”ll just sleep with anyone, she has standards and wants men with money, DUH lol

Now in her tale, the answer the knight was looking for was woman want the same power over their husbands as over their lovers. Could she be talking about herself……maybe. Is she talking about being the head of the household or is she talking about sexual standards. You can spin it around and make it what you want, their is not enough evidence to me that she was sleeping around with everyone. (Huh very lawyer like of me) 😀

So I by no means think she is a lady or a saint, but I think she is a very sensual person and that’s just who she is. and yes, I think she is a cougar lol

Now this is who for me would play the wife of bath part. 😀



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