Published April 7, 2014 by wouldbewitch

A 150 word blog that is a straight-up rant.  What’s driving you crazy right now?  Did something happen over Spring Break that really got under your skin.  Take a few minutes and just gripe about something.  Let’s not use real names – just in case.

I talked to my grandma the other day about people on Facebook and their problems. I can’t stand it when they post about how awful their life is right now. I’m just like really SHUT UP! get over yourself and make it better. You will accomplish nothing with that attitude and stop posting on Facebook trying to get sympathy. It’s pathetic. STOP ALREADY AND GROW UP! I have my own problems I’m dealing with and I don’t want to know about yours. keep it to yourself like I do. THANKS 😀 Another thing that makes me sick is people saying they are in love with the guy they met 3 weeks ago. That’s cool and everything but I don’t want to hear “He is the best thing to ever happen to me and I love him” And all that other mussy crap. Maybe I’m being a little harsh though. I love reading about love in my books, but when people post about it on Facebook I’m like “How long is this one going to last?” I just don’t understand it. Why do you have to put your life story on Facebook. I like keeping up to date on everyone but I don’t need your problems and I sure don’t need to see pics of you making out or how “in love” you are. END RANT and because I’m me, here are some pics 😀

FacebookFacebook1 tumblr_mn1986WG4I1qhz5mqo1_500


One comment on “RANT!!!!!!!!!

  • The way people use Facebook pushed my buttons, too. Why do they have to air out their dirty laundry on Facebook. I just want to see cute pictures of people’s kids and pets and read a funny post every now and then. nice post.

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