Time, Youth, Beauty, & Death

Published April 16, 2014 by wouldbewitch

A 150 word blog about why you think time, youth, beauty, and death are such common themes in poetry, not only Shakespeare’s Sonnets, but most poetry (this includes songs).

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I think it’s so popular because it’s what everyone obsesses over. It is constantly on our minds. We never have enough time to do anything. We want to stay young and beautiful forever. And the one thing that no one can escape death. It’s going to happen to everyone and we fear and accept it at the same time. Death and time kind of go hand in hand though. When we run out of time in life, you die. Poetry and songs that deal with those things tend to be read more are listened to because we can relate. we hear the song or read the poetry and we are like that exactly how I feel. I’ve read more poetry about death though, but maybe that’s just me. I usually write my papers on stories or poetry dealing with death. Everyone has a different take on it. It kind of depressing you, but you listen and read anyway.


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