Hamlet’s Reaction

Published April 23, 2014 by wouldbewitch

A 175 word blog about whether or not you think Hamlet’s reaction to the ghost of his father is believable and legit.  If you think so, discuss why, and if you think not, discuss what was lacking in his reaction.

I think different people will have different opinions on this. To me I think Hamlet being who he is is was a legit reaction. He has courage and he stands his ground and follows the ghost. It’s the ghost of his father, so he is going to listen to it. But then after Horatio warns him he begins to feel fear. What is the ghost means him harm, but his courage wins and he follows the ghost. I think for a normal person it would be a legit response, but for Hamlet it was. Most people would have been scared out of their minds, like me lol I would be too scared to follow it. Ever watched Ghost Whisper? I love this show but *shudders* Nope not today. lol And Hamlet seems a little off the handle, so that could have played a part in him following the ghost of his father. Crazy doesn’t know fear. lol


John_Gilbert_-_Hamlet_in_the_Presence_of_His_Father's_Ghost smaller Boydall's Fuseli


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