Hamlet & Ophelia

Published April 28, 2014 by wouldbewitch

A 175 word blog discussing Hamlet’s relationship with Ophelia.  You might discuss how Polonius factors into the relationship and whether his disapproval of Hamlet’s love for Ophelia is justified.


Hamlet and Ophelia’s relationship was a strange one. Her father said that Hamlet only wanted her for her body and I think she believed it. I mean why would a prince want to marry her, right? UGH How can people be so clueless. Hamlet Loved her and yet she took her father’s side. Hamlet could have cared for her. She is the one that didn’t love him enough. I know Hamlet told her he didn’t love her, but he said that because he knew her father put her up to it. I think it might have broke him when he realized she picked her father instead of him. So He probably gets a little satisfaction seeing her hurt. Gosh they are so complicated. If it wasn’t for Ophelia’s fathers Hamlet’s revenge, the king plotting to kill him, his friends plotting to kill him, OK everyone trying to kill him they would have been married and happily in love. But no! Everyone hates seeing everyone happy. lol They are all like, what can I do today to ruin someone life.


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