Horatio, One of the Good Guys

Published April 30, 2014 by wouldbewitch

A 175 word blog about Horatio and his role in the ending of the play.  What was his part and why do you think a minor character was given such an important charge at the end?


His role at the end of the play in crucial. He has just watched everyone die and Hamlet tells him to not kill himself so he can tell his story. Why tell him this? Horatio is the only character in the story that is truly Hamlet’s friend. He doesn’t betray him and is there for him. He is a minor character, but we remember him because he cares about Hamlet. I think Shakespeare kind of gets you ready for it and then at the end BOOM Horatio is the one that lives and he lives to tell Hamlets story. He is the only one who would tell the truth. He would not sugar coat anything and not play favorites, like other characters would do. It’s usually the people you don’t often see that make the biggest impact though. Now that I think about it, a lot of stories I’ve read are like that. If it wasn’t for that minor character they would have gotten to where they are now. Hamlet dies, but you know what I mean….well I guess you do. lol You don’t have to be a main character to make an impact. 😀

ANd I couldn’t find any pics that I wanted to share 😦 I didn’t like any of them, so alas a boring post with no pics.


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