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A 150 word blog that is a straight-up rant.  What’s driving you crazy right now?  Did something happen over Spring Break that really got under your skin.  Take a few minutes and just gripe about something.  Let’s not use real names – just in case.

I talked to my grandma the other day about people on Facebook and their problems. I can’t stand it when they post about how awful their life is right now. I’m just like really SHUT UP! get over yourself and make it better. You will accomplish nothing with that attitude and stop posting on Facebook trying to get sympathy. It’s pathetic. STOP ALREADY AND GROW UP! I have my own problems I’m dealing with and I don’t want to know about yours. keep it to yourself like I do. THANKS 😀 Another thing that makes me sick is people saying they are in love with the guy they met 3 weeks ago. That’s cool and everything but I don’t want to hear “He is the best thing to ever happen to me and I love him” And all that other mussy crap. Maybe I’m being a little harsh though. I love reading about love in my books, but when people post about it on Facebook I’m like “How long is this one going to last?” I just don’t understand it. Why do you have to put your life story on Facebook. I like keeping up to date on everyone but I don’t need your problems and I sure don’t need to see pics of you making out or how “in love” you are. END RANT and because I’m me, here are some pics 😀

FacebookFacebook1 tumblr_mn1986WG4I1qhz5mqo1_500


Favorite Piece of Literature

Published March 26, 2014 by wouldbewitch

A 150 word blog about what your favorite piece of literature we have read.  Focus on why it’s your favorite and maybe explore some ideas for your final paper/project.


I think my favorite piece of literature that we’ve read so far would have to be the Canterbury tales. they were just really easy to read and made you laugh. I always like a good laugh. 😀 That being said, Just because this is my favorite that we’ve read so far, it isn’t what I’ll be researching for my paper. I love poetry and I love trying to find out what they meant and finding the deeper meaning in them. I wrote about Wordsworth and Blake in my ENG 272 class and I’ll be doing Spenser for this class. So far the works that I read by him are pretty great. 😀 I can’t wait to begin my research paper on him.

Paradise Lost

Published March 24, 2014 by wouldbewitch

Milton says that the purpose of Paradise Lost is to “justify the ways of God to man.”  In a 150 word blog, discuss how this idea of justifying God’s actions makes you feel.  Do you think it might strengthen people’s faith or cause it to fall into question.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t really remember a lot about Paradise Lost. I do remember some things and I hope I remember them on the final. lol

I think some people need to justify the ways of God, but I personally don’t believe you need that. It’s like saying you won’t believe in God unless you give a good reason. You should have FAITH. If it causes people to take a step back and say I don’t really believe in God anymore, then you never did. I don’t see how people can just stop believing. Why do you need a reason when God is the reason. I don’t understand it.


Milton’s Version of Satan

Published March 24, 2014 by wouldbewitch

In Paradise Lost, Milton gives us a very humanized version of Satan.  In a 125 word blog, discuss why you think it’s so effective.  What are the characteristics of Satan that stand out to you, and what does Milton’s version of Satan suggest about sin?

The way Milton describes Satan is not how we picture him. We picture him big, red, and with horns on top of his head. When in reality he is just a man. And I think that’s why Milton’s description of him is effective. He said that he was beautiful and so on and so forth. He was beside God before he fell and was an angel along with the other that fell with him. Milton brings the mortality to Satan. He is not a lizard man, just a man.




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John Milton went blind before he reached the age of 45 years old.  Write a 150 word blog about how know knowledge of your coming blindness might change the way you “saw” things.  Would it make you more aware of beauty?  Would you try to see and memorized everything in your surroundings?



If I knew I was going to be blind, I would not take anything for granted. You only have so long, so I would try and see everything I could and commit it to memory, esp. my family. I’d have to see them everyday and hope that I don’t forget their faces. I would have a different perspective of the world. You don;t know how precious something is until you lose or you are going to lose it. Even with eyesight we are blind. We are blind to the world and believe what we want. So is it really a disaster to not see. Maybe you will see more than you did before you went blind. I don’t know. I really like to read though, but they make audio books now, so I would be to upset. There are some people that’s lost more than that. You just have to live life to its fullest everyday and try not to live with regrets.



The Renaissance

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A 150 word blog discussing what you already know about the Renaissance.  Most people have some sort of base knowledge, even if it’s nothing more than the Ninja Turtles names.  What do you know (or think you know) about people like Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I?  What about the artwork and/or music of the time?

Well Renaissance means “rebirth” in the art and teachings….and yes I know the Ninja Turtle names. Leonardo for Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo for Michelangelo Buonarroti (had to look up last name) Raphael..I’m not quite sure about and then Donatello they were all artist of this time.

I know the song about his wives (learned it from 1 Vs. 100). Watched the other Boleyn girl learned about Anne or some of the truth, it is a movie after all. I know Elizabeth the first was Anne’s daughter and the greatest queen they had. She never married so she didn’t have an heir. and I know a little bit about Mary, Queen of Scots.

There was paintings, sculptures, literature, secular music. This was the rebirth of all that. Here is some art of that time.

360w_joyfulnoise2.ashx 800px-Sanzio_01(full) Mona_Lisa

Favorite Character

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A 125 word blog about your favorite CHARACTER for the literature we have read.  Why do you love him/her?  Does he/she share any characteristics with you or does he/she spark any sympathy?  What about him/her makes him/her your favorite?

I had a hard time with this question. Sure I liked a lot of the characters, but I don’t know which one is my favorite. hmmmm….I guess it would have to be The wife of bath because I think she is misunderstood. I really liked her tale as well, NOT the rape part and the guy getting the girl, but it was interesting.

Does she have any characteristic with me? Heck no LOL I do not look sensual and most of the time people think I’m still in high school, this one lady thought I was 12, Really man, really? So we look and act nothing alike, but I like we do share something in common. I think people underestimate her and people do that with me a lot. I’m a type of person ,what you see is what you get. I don’t sugarcoat anything and I think that’s why I only have one friend. Oh and possibly because I’m shy. The wife of Bath is upfront with you and let’s you know that she is a woman on the prowl. Like I said what you see is what you get. I think that’s why I liked her so much.

And because I can never be serious, here is a funny.